Telegram Bot Control Aria2

  1. Pull
  2. Create the robot and get the token and your own ID
  3. Get the Telegram API and hash

  1. Manually click on the image to deploy, use the host network
    Add the following environment variables, the proxy does not need to be added if not required
    If you enable uploading to Telegram, select false and map the download directory of aria2 into the robot. Remember that the paths of both should be consistent
    The send ID is the user ID, it's the same thing
       API_ID: 11111 
       API_HASH: 11111 
       BOT_TOKEN: 11111:11111 
       JSON_RPC_URL: http://11111:6800/jsonrpc 
       JSON_RPC_TOKEN: 11111 
       SEND_ID: 11111 
       #      PROXY_IP:   #optional  proxy IP 
       #      PROXY_PORT:  #optional proxy port 
       UP_TELEGRAM: 'False' #whether to upload to Telegram

Command deployment:

docker run -d
--name arbot
--restart unless-stopped
--log-opt max-size=1m
--network host
-e TZ=Asia/Shanghai
-e API_ID=1111
-e API_HASH=11111
-e BOT_TOKEN=1111
-e JSON_RPC_URL=http://ip:6800/jsonrpc
-e SEND_ID=1111
-e PROXY_IP= #optional  proxy IP
-e PROXY_PORT= #optional proxy port
-e UP_TELEGRAM='False' #optional  whether to upload to Telegram, if yes, 'true', default 'False'
-v $pwd/downloads:/downloads \  #If uploading to Telegram is enabled, the mapped download directory needs to be used for reading and uploading, and the mapped path should be consistent with the aria2 download path in the container
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