Commonly used VPS testing script

People who frequently buy VPS usually run a script when they buy a new VPS. Here, I have organized it for convenience for myself and for others to see. The main purpose is to test the performance and internet speed of the VPS:
Script written by the respected author Qiu Shui Yi Bing.

Displays various system information being tested.
Tests are conducted from well-known data centers around the world, providing comprehensive download speed tests.
Supports IPv6 download speed tests.
IO tests are conducted three times and the average value is displayed.
wget -qO- | bash


curl -Lso- | bash


wget -qO- | bash


curl -so- | bash
SuperBench testing script written by the respected author Lao Gui.

Improved display mode with added colors for basic parameters, making it easier to differentiate and search.
IO tests have been modified from the default tests to include small, medium, and large file tests to measure IO performance, and then the average value is calculated.
Speed tests have been replaced with tests from Superspeed. The default node is Speedtest, and tests are also conducted for China Telecom, China Unicom, and China Mobile in three different regions.
wget -qO- --no-check-certificate | bash


curl -Lso- -no-check-certificate
LemonBench tool (also known as LBench or LemonBench) is a server performance testing tool designed for Linux servers. Through comprehensive testing, it can quickly evaluate the overall performance of the server and provide users with server hardware configuration information.

Server basic information (CPU information, memory information, swap information, disk space information, etc.)
Speedtest internet speed test (local speed to the nearest source and different regions in China)
Disk test (4K block/1M block direct write test)
Route tracing test (traces the route information of different routes in China and overseas)
Spoofer test (obtains detailed network information to quickly determine the server's access line)
curl -fsL | bash -s fast

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