Windows DD Linux

This method is applicable to scenarios where the hosting provider only provides the Windows system, with or without VNC, with or without DHCP, and with or without a visual desktop Windows VPS that needs to be reinstalled as Linux. In this method, the existence of VNC is not important because there is no need to operate anything in VNC. VNC can be used to observe the progress of DD and has no other function.#

Steps for DD with DHCP#

  1. If there is a desktop, first download to Windows and extract it to the C drive.

  2. Right-click and open win32loader.bat as an administrator, press 2 to select Local file, then put the downloaded initrd.img and vmlinuz in the C:\win32-loader directory, and press Enter to start dd.


After the DD is successful, the default system is Debian9; the default password is:

Customizing the system image#

You can also customize the system image to choose a more suitable system for yourself.
Create a clean Linux VPS, install basic tools, and generate initrd.img and vmlinuz on it.

bash -d 9 -v 64 -a --ip-addr machine-ip --ip-mask machine-netmask --ip-gate machine-gateway --loader

Do not make mistakes with the IP address, netmask, and gateway. You can use the ipconfig/all command in the cmd prompt to check.

After the above code is executed, the specified ip will generate initrd.img and vmlinuz in the /root/loader folder. Download these two files and place them in a location where they can be directly downloaded. Then, the DD method is the same as above, just replace the download links of the two files mentioned above.

Note: If there is an error or failure in generating the files when creating the system source, it is recommended to try again with a different system.

The default password is:

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