Use Origin Rules to make CloudFlare CDN fetch from any port.


When using V2ray, I believe many friends will encounter unsatisfactory speed and the need to use Cloudflare CDN to cooperate with port blocking. Many people also know that Cloudflare only supports 13 ports (HTTP: 80, 8080, 8880, 2052, 2082, 2086, 2095; HTTPS: 443, 2053, 2083, 2087, 2096, 8443). Some people have also joked that when they see 2096 and Bad Request, they feel dishonest and can be sure that it is a node built with Xray. But since Cloudflare opened their Origin Rules for free this year, this will allow us to use any port for origin retrieval.


  • Cloudflare account + domain name


  1. Use Cloudflare for domain name resolution and enable proxy.image
  2. Go to the SSL/TLS tab and adjust the SSL option to "Flexible".image
  3. Click on the Origin Rules under the Rules menu, enter the rule name, fields, and operators as shown in the figure below, enter the complete second-level domain name for the value, click on rewrite to, and then enter the port number. Once everything is ready, you can click the deploy button.image
  4. This way, you can retrieve from any port on CF CDN's 443 port.
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